The main purpose of this site is to discuss and explore:

1.  New Myths:

Our world is changing at an accelerating rate.  New ideas, concepts, stories -- myths -- are appearing to help us move into the nascent 21st century.  What are these new narratives?

2.  One Earth:

An emerging global culture is manifesting.  In all of human history, the world has never been this interconnected -- caused by global communication technology increasing the rate of information exchange; international economics, and air travel.  What form will this take?

3.  Can We Make It?

Will humanity ultimately survive?  What can we do?  What must happen if we are to make it in the long run?  Is it too late, or is there still hope?

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This site also contains some of my essays, thoughts and varied interests the medium of Text, Video, Art, Photos, and Memes.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated...  Let's talk...!  ^_^

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A few thoughts by StevenErnest:

It may frequently feel like a world of "us and them" -- but it is actually a world of "us and us."

“When our dreams die, we die.”

“The future is never what we expect, now is it?”

“Let us OCCUPY the Land, Sea, Air, and Space...  and especially the Space of the Minds and Hearts of Humanity.”

     (Above Art Credit:  awesome caricature of SE by Guy Bourbonnais.)

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