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StevenErnest = Steve in Earnest.  ^_^

Steven Ernest Lindlbauer, irl.

Writer of short stories, comic books, movies, tv series, and children's books -- mainly in the science fiction & fantasy genres.

I also write non-fiction essays on a variety of subjects.

To date, my material has mainly been published here, on FaceBook, and YouTube, etc.  I have yet to sell to a professional publication.  But it's only a matter of time...

I like to think, read, and explore:

Pop Culture, Mythology, Mysticism, Mass Media, Science Fiction, Films, Star Trek, TV History, Comic Books/Graphic Novels, Postmodernism, Psychology, Science, Astronomy, Physics, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, Eastern Philosophy, Taoism, the Internet, Existentialism, History, Satire and Humor.  ^_^

I create New Myths and study Old Myths.

Thinker, Pop-Philosophizer, Reader.
Hermeneutics and Heuristics and Nonsense.
I know a little bit about a lot of things.
Philosophical, Abstract, Cyclothymic, Funny, Goofy, Serious...  Probably In my head waaay too much, lol.


I'm kinda deep and multifaceted -- hopefully in an accessible way.  Always looking for nuance, and subtle meanings.  I try to find unity in diversity.

I have mild Bi-Polar Disorder, which I now pretty much have a handle on...  which makes me even more complex and interesting -- I hope -- with introspective moods and outgoing moods.

I don't belong to any organized religion, but I would call myself Materialistically Spiritual -- a Skeptical Mystic.
I'm politically Progressive; kind of Green; kind of Alternative.

I'm 60.  I'm a Scorpio, but as they are known to be skeptics I don't believe in Astrology.  ^_^

Residence:  The Immateria, Burbank, CA.

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New and Improved!
Void where prohibited.
Careful, may be hot!
Keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.
Please follow directions.
Please ignore directions.
Buy more good stuff.
Buy less bad stuff.
Always know where your towel is.

[That last bit is inspired by Philip K. Dick's novel, "UBIK," and is not a direct quote.  (Reality in a Spray Can...?!)]

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