Can we make it?

Will we make it?

How can we make it?

Can humanity survive in the long run?

I think we can.  It won’t be easy.  But life is rarely simple.

For mainly the last five years, I've been talking to intelligent online friends and irl friends; many in their 20's and 30's -- and I'm saddened by the widespread view that humanity is most likely doomed.  They understandably and logically site the many barriers and conflicts of:  economic collapse, depletion of natural resources, destruction of the natural environment, lack of viable energy sources, wars large and small, nuclear war and/or nuclear disasters, biological warfare, the threat of terrorism, destruction of personal freedoms, control of the political system by concentrated wealth and corporate power, etc.

Some say violent revolution may be necessary to save us, or that it is completely hopeless.

I feel that the world is actually getting better.  I'm 57, and I’ve seen how the pendulum swings back and forth -- two steps forward, and one step back -- but believe that things are s l o w l y improving.  Almost every generation sees the changes taking place in their time, and believes it is for the worse.

Solutions, what needs to be done:

1.  Improved Education.

A.  The teaching and elucidation of clear thinking -- the ability to use reason and think logically.

B.  A study of history in depth, and from different points of view, liberal, progressive, “A People’s History of the United State” -- and conservatism.

C.  Multiculturalism.

D.  Comparative religion.

2.  The democratic system is thrown off balance by:

A.  Concentrated wealth.  This influence needs to be -- fairly -- eliminated or leavened.

B.  While talented people are justly going to be rewarded with large incomes, and there is inherited wealth, and large corporations will have large resources -- there is an obvious imbalance if politicians can be bought via the huge funds needed for campaigns.

C.  Powerful lobbyists give corporations an unfair advantage in passing legislation.

D.  Campaign reform is needed; public financing to equal the playing field, and to allow the political competition of third parties.

3.  Actions:  What you do, how you act:

A.  Vote your conscious.  “The lesser of two evils is still evil.”

B.  Talk to other people; communicate; share ideas.

C.  Have empathy for others.

D.  Don’t steal.

E.  Be kind.  Courtesy.  “We’re all in this together.”

4.  Think of ways we can work together, even with the constant clash of belief systems.

5.  I actually think we may need to change human nature for numbers 3 & 4 to work.  Can society evolve?  We may have to.

6.  If you look at the overarching history of the world, things are getting better.

Incrementally better.  But improving nonetheless.

7.  We’re Post-Traumatic: 

A.  Our history of wars, slavery, the atomic bomb, inhumanity, genocide.

B.  We learn and forget.  “Two steps forward and one step backwards.”

C.  The psychological cures that work for the traumatized individual may work if applied to society as a whole.  To understand one’s dysfunctional behavior.  “Know thyself.”

We have to conquer our fears.  Fear of change.  Fear of "the other."

8.  I see people who care.  Mainly younger folks; they are aware of the problem(s), and propose some answers.  There are “average” people, and “think tanks,” organizations.

Intellectuals, philosophers, writers, and artists.

This is a cause for hope.

I do think we will make it in the long run.

It won't be easy.  There is obviously a lot of work and improvement that has yet to be done.

And finally:

8.  Be authentic.

So I ask you:  In the years, decades, centuries ahead -- will humanity ultimately triumph?

If not, why not?

If yes, How?

Let’s give it our best effort.

And what will be required to assist this change to manifest, are what I call New Myths, novel narratives.  See the Tab here for that discussion if you feel so compelled.

Do you think we can make it?  If not, why not.  If yes, how?