OUTLINE of the concept of One World  =  One Earth, OnEarth, ONEarth:



I.  A global civilization is coming into being.

A.  Definition:

1.  Shared ideas and beliefs:

     a.  We are one people, a shared humanity, a global community.

     b.  A decline of organized religion.

2.  A belief in the need for:

     a.  Rationality, logical thinking.

     b.  Psychological understanding of unconscious influences.

     c.  Cooperation.

     d.  Empathy.

3.  A growing sense of

     a.  Spirituality.  Objectively & Subjectively & Metaphorically.

     b.  We are spiritual beings.

     c.  We are one.  Literally and Mythically.

4.  Multiculturalism.

5.  Social equality.

6.  Economic equality.

7.  Prosperity:

     a.  Less waste.

     b.  Minimal pollution.

     c.  Limited military industrial complex.

     d.  Truly valuable goods.  Defined by _______ ?

8.  Environmentalism.

9.  Functional Democracy:

     a.  Not controlled/canceled out by Concentrated Wealth.

     b.  Limited influence of Corporate Lobbyists.


[Admittedly this is a massive “Paradigm Shift.”]


B.  What it is NOT:

1.  A bland cultural homogenization.

2.  A “New World Order.”  1984, Big Brother.

3.  Brave New World, i.e., rigid class structure.

4.  Multi-National Corporations as de facto Government.

5.  A mindless Consumerist culture.


Of course, these are all legitimate concerns.  I suspect that we will be moving into a new definition of Privacy, and slowly accept Less Privacy.

Obviously technology is making it possible for government surveillance to take away our freedoms, and we must be vigilant.

I think that the extreme fears, the Conspiracy enthusiasts’ fears of a New World Order essentially stem from a conscious perception -- and an unconscious sense -- that his globalization is occurring.  Again:  some concerns and fears are legitimate.

It is human nature to fear change.  To feel that things are out of control.  Reminiscent of Alvin Toffler’s “Future Shock.”


II.  Causes and Catalysts:  Forces pushing us in this direction:

A.  Global Communication Technology:

1.  The Internet.

     a.  International news coverage, instantly updated 24/7.

     b.  Social Networking:  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogs, etc.

     c.  Mobile devices:  Cellphones, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.

     d.  Video/Audio/Photo sharing:  YouTube, Podcasts,  etc.

     e.  Digitalization of Information increases availability:

          eBooks, iTunes, File sharing, Piracy and legitimate.

NOTES:  Items d and e create democratization in that everyone has a voice, to some degree; decreases power of TV Networks, Movie Studios and Record Companies.    


B.  Globalization - An International Economic System.

1.  Multinational Corporations, and accompanying

2.  Globalization of business and economies.

     a.  Manufacturing in “Third World Countries,” which

     b.  changes their status quo.

3.  Interconnectedness of National Economies.

C.  Travel, Air Travel - widespread and convenient.

Creating a....

“Global Village.”  (Term coined by Marshall McLuhan.)

=  Everyone is in everyone else’s business.

I call this “The Melrose Place Effect.”  ^_^


D.  Modern Philosophy:

Alters society and culture.

1.  PostModernism, the PostModernist World view:

     a.  Subjective beliefs.  Relativism. 

     b.  “The Western Canon” contrasted with the Eastern World.

     c.  Narratives:  History, Science, Literature.

=  Conceptual Frameworks.

     d.  Socially Constructed Reality.  Choice of:

     e.  Religion:  Three Abrahamic Faiths, OR:

     f.  Eastern:  Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, B’hai, Shinto, etc.  OR:

     g.  Alernative/New:  Spiritual, New Age, Wicca,     Pagan,  Hermeticism, Magic/Magick, Shamanism.

     h.  Gender Identity:  Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender.

     i.  Alternative Lifestyles:

     j.  Green, Vegetarian, Vegan, Goth, Hip Hop, Occupier.                     Black/Urban/Ghetto/Hip Hop, Biker, Hacker, Nerd, Geek,         Gamer.

     k.  Youth Culture:

     Alternative/Non-Mainstream Appearance and Dress:

     Tattoos, Piercings, Shaved Head, etc.

     Becoming more open to alternative beliefs.

     Facility with computers, multi-tasking, IMing, texting.

      Future =  An UNKNOWN.

X.  Political alternatives:  Progressive, Occupier, Tea Party, Libertarian, Anarchist, etc.


NOTES:  More so than at other time in history, accepted beliefs and norms -- the status quo -- are changing.

[Ultimately,  Can We Make it?]


 III.  The Case Against, Antithesis:

Many of these are Symptoms -- Conflicts -- caused by the above.

     A.  Current world events, global conflicts:

     1.  WAR

     2.  Wars over territory, resources.

     3.  Wars over religious beliefs.

     4.  Wars over race, ethnicity.

     5.  Repressive governments.  Russia, China, Iran.

     B.  Religious Beliefs:

    Irreconcilable differences, especially Three Abrahamic religions..

     C.  People (will always) want:  Power over others.

     D.  People (will always) want:  Wealth and Material goods.

     E.  People (will always):  Lie, Cheat, and Steal.

     F.  Racism

     G.  The History of Mankind to this Point.

1.  Old philosophy  =  Objective Beliefs.

     H.  No Guarantee, things might go wrong:

          1.  Global catastrophe:

                Nuke War, Biological/Plague, Environmental.




A.  Things are changing for the better:

     1.  Pockets of freedom.

          Democracy = strong leader.

          Parliament = more even.

     2.  Consumerism increases wants desires, for more Freedoms.

     3.  Humanity IS learning and growing.

     4.  Mental Health:

     Greater understanding of the psyche/mind, and brain.                 

     Methods for mind/psyche toward Wholeness. (Jung).

     Dreams, acknowledging, interpreting, valuing.  (Jung.)

     Therapy, empathy, (Gary Zukav, Eckhart Tolle).

     Increased knowledge of brain chemistry; medications.

      BePROACTIVE, take control of our destiny:

     Consciously push ourselves in the right direction.

     New Ways of Thinking, New Examples, New Concepts =



 Created by thinkers and artists, scientists.

     “Artists are the unacknowledged legislators.”

    The overarching new archetypes:


     1.  Spiritual, All is One.

     2.  Global, One World, One Earth, OnEarth, ONEarth.

     3.  Authentic.  To live authentically.  Authenticity.

Note:  Spiritual = Outer:  Society, the World, the Masses.

 Inner:  the Unconscious, People, Individuals.

C.f.  “The Aquarian Conspiracy”

Increased understanding of Myths, Joseph Campbell.

D.  MAGIC is afoot:

     1.  Mysticism.  The Mystic.

     Eastern=  Buddhism, Zen, Taoism.

          The Force; Gurus, Yoda, Obi Wan.  Dalai Lama

     Western=  Hermeticism, the Occult, the Ageless Wisdom.

     2.  The Imagination.

     Movies, Games, Books.  Plastic Reality.

     E.  Choice:

     The choices we make.  Decisions, Our Actions, How we Act.

     Examples:  Help a stranger in need.

     F.  Cooperate, to get along, and work together.

     Greater cooperation.

     G.  A Fundamental Change in Human Nature.  “Paradigm Shift”

     For the 21st Century:

     To see, feel, and know:  We Are All One.